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Sell your product or service online WITHOUT a website.

Introducing FlyingSpider's flate-rate pay per call advertising.

How would you like to receive a warm pre-qualified telephone lead for only $19.70* each?

If you answered, "Yes!", please keep reading to discover an easier way to find more customers.

Nowadays, the best way to find a product or service is to use Google or an online Yellow page.

Is your business listed online locally, or in a popular Yellow page? If not, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers for your business. Right now, we all need more customers, right?

Everyday, online customers are looking for local businesses in search engines and online yellow pages. Why not make it easy for them to find you?

With FlyingSpider's pay per call advertising, they can!

FlyingSpider connects your business with credit card in hand buyers through our network of quality websites. Using our propreitary system, we'll deliver online customers directly to your business telephone.

Pay per call advertising is arguably a better strategy than pay-per-click. Unlike pay-per-click search engines, advertisers no longer have to worry about click fraud. Our specially designed telephone system will automatically block known telemarketers, and other solicitation sources. And if our system missed a telemarketing call, just let us know and we'll issue you a credit immediately.

Now instead wasting your ad budget on a pay-per-click campaign, we can help you grow your business using the most reliable equipment in your company -- the telephone. With our pay per call advertising system, we can connect online customers directly to your business telephone using our hand-picked advertising channels. More importantly, you only pay when an online customer calls your telephone.

According to a recent study by the Kelsey Group, small and mid-size businesses believed that a telephone call is the best way to acquire a new customer.

Furthermore, the Yellow Pages Association reported that 73% of online customers called the businesses they found in an Internet yellow page for products and services. With our system, we'll also list your business profile with the most popular Yellow page websites.

Now more than ever, your business telephone will become an invaluable tool to grow your business. And you can do it all without building a single webpage! Best of all, you get the unlimited growth potential of the Internet combined with your indispensable telephone.

Easy to understand benefits:

  • Attract local online customers without a building website.
  • Focus on closing our pre-qualified telephone leads.
  • Increase your bottom line easily and effectively.

Order now and you'll receive:

  • An attractive and converting landing page about your company.
  • Get listed in popular Yellow page websites.
  • Get a new local or toll free number with your account.
  • 24/7 real-time access to your call statistics.
  • Free call recording with all toll free numbers.**

Order now! Only $197/month

*Note: With our monthly plan, you're receiving a minimum of 10 telephone leads per month at $19.70 per lead. There is no additional charges if you reiceved more than 10 telephone calls per month. In some cases, you may received less than 10 telephone calls a month, and consequently, we will credit your account accordingly. We define a telephone lead as a completed telephone call between a potential customer and your business. Additionally, if a customer receives your voicemail when they called you, it is also considered a completed call.

**Note: All toll free number has a service charge of $50/month with call recording. We will bill you separetly for this service.


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